The Day I Lost my Job and Found Freedom



digital art nomad,

It was a March morning in Vancouver 2015…

as I approached my 8th year working as an employee i felt the overwhelming urge to escape, I was ready to get out. I walked into work that day like it was any other day.
Leading up to that  I new something odd was going on because all of a sudden i noticed a-lot of interest on my Linked-in profile from my HR department.. The moment I heard my secretary say that I was wanted in HR office I new it was time,
I fealt an overwhelming sense of tranquility, it’s the same type of feeling I get whenever something is about to change big, I feel it when I get news of a big 3rd world trip, of a new interview, or in this case of a big life changing event


Leading up to this I had been pining for my time to leave, the book was in final stages the website was well into the works, but my saving account had just taken a big hit, we had just paid of 160k in debt in student loans to get us to a manageable payment with 50k left over. i wasn’t out of the woods yet.
As I walked into the HR room I noticed the financial advisor was there also, it was written all over their face before the words even came out of their mouth.
“The company is going through some layoffs and your ticket is up. To most, a feeling of shame and disbelief overtake them, and I had felt that during the last time i had been laid of, but this time, to my surprise, a smile came over my face. I nodded my head and shocked myself when the words “well it’s actually a good time for me, so thank you” came out of my mouth. The details of the termination were quickly discussed as there was not much to talk about and I walked out of the office.


The only problem with the termination was I had 4 weeks notice. That’s a long time to wait around when your ready to get moving.  Although I was happy about the news.
I couldn’t bring myself to let go of my pride and tell my colleagues what had happened and instead told them I had turned in my resignation. I’m not sure why I did this but at the time it felt like the right thing to do. My future was unclear and a layoff doesn’t look great on a resume should I ever want to get back into the industry.
That night I made a fancy fish dinner for my wife, candle light a nice bottle of wine and had a speech ready to go. I new she wanted to leave Vancouver but his meant leaving the job she enjoyed  and the only other stable paycheck we would have at the time.
I had no idea how she would respond. but i new we had wanted to do this for a long time, So I recorded the whole thing.

The night I had to tell my wife I was laid off:


After dinner we slowly started to come to grips with the reality and began getting more and more strategic with our plans, selling the apartment furniture and planning a road trip back to LA,
Some things started to fall into place, my wife  was able to talk her company into granting here remote work which ended up lasting a month or two. The great thing about getting laid off is the security benefits. These were vital in our transition. I’ll take this moment to say that simply taking a leap with no security net is not a good idea, even if your able to make it. your mental wellness will take a big hit. have a plan and be prepared for anything or a year.
I tell you this whole story so you can get a sense of what it’s like before your day comes, and also because if you are an employee you never know when this may happen. I’m so happy I took the chance to get out when I did, had I gotten back into it I still would have been leading a life of false security.
I write this 3 months later and I’m still hustling to keep the lifestyle as an digital nomad, but every day I wake up on my own time and work for myself, although long hours, I gleam with happiness. Sure there are ups and downs and a lot of fears and uncertainties that creep up. But when will I ever face them if not now. I feel truly alive, motivated and have no reason not to be hopeful for a great future ahead with digital art nomad.
I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to finally be able to write this. After going to work day in and day out i dreamed about writing this some day, i can finally write with out wondering what the future will be when i leave my job, i am here, i did it and survived. my advice to you is not to let fear rule your life, plan out your dreams and go for it.
Thank you for reading my story, now tell me yours.  What do you want to do what have you done so far to work towards your dreams? What are you struggling with?
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2 Responses to “The Day I Lost my Job and Found Freedom

  • Dodie lee
    2 years ago

    Awesome story- Jessie’s reaction Was great – she was surprised but so supportive and trusting –

      2 years ago

      Thanks, she was great, I’m very grateful to have her.