– The Beginning of Digital Art Nomad

artist entrepreneur

For the past year I have  been researching the world of digital art marketing and more importantly the world of online business for artists.

After 10 years of working in the Visual effects industry and after suffering from a unstable US economy.  It became clear to me that a lifetime as an employee was and is unsustainable and unsafe on its own. What i didn’t understand was why no one had told me this earlier.

After coming to this awareness, and deciding to change, I became very frustrated at how little information there was about growing a successful online business around digital art and where to find lessons on branding myself as an artist or better yet, a product.

My goal is to bring these lessons, as I learn them, here to this space to inspire and connect with like minded artists. Here I will share the pitfalls and the success’ that I experience on my path toward becoming a free artist or as I like to call it a “digital art nomad”. Consider me a crash test dummy you can watch and hopefully learn from.

By following this site you will learn techniques of how to become a self sustained artist generating passive income and using your artistic talents to free yourself of the ropes binding you to a life you don’t want or own. Yes, an ambitious goal but truly one we all deserve to accomplish.

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