Thank You Again

Wahoo you are here!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for coming to Digital Art Nomad. I know your time is valuable and I appreciate you trusting me enough to share your email with me.  You will only be getting exclusive emails and updates from me, and I promise to only deliver high-quality content and timely information to you. 

To give you the best experience moving forward, make sure to open the emails that come your way, and please click on links of interest to you. If the links in the emails don’t seem interesting, then don’t feel obligated to click.

Now that we’re here, I have a gift for you as a thank you…

By the way, I plan to fill this page with more gifts over time and will be sure to let you know when their ready.




GIFT #1: The Online Business Guide For Artistsonline-business-guide-for-artists

This business and marketing guide is made from the point of view of an illustrator, me.  But the principles within it can be applied to any art form including music, sculpture, 3D modeling, wood carving, knitting, even the performing arts.

Inside you will find information on how to package your art into a product, how to set up shop, a simple 5 step marketing plan and how to grow an audience. I’ve packed a lot of information into this little book and I hope it will lead you towards a successful career as an independent artist. click the link below to download.

Download TheOnlineBusinessGuideForArtists







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