My 2015 Annual Review Along With Next Years Plan of Attack (An Easy Way to Learn From the Past and Plan For the future)




This year was A huge year of growth for me both in business and personally. I’ve decided to start reviewing my progress each year with a few tough questions. I encourage you to do the same as it’s an excellent resource to carry with you through the new year. Keep track of your past year and set big goals for your upcoming year. You’ll notice that I used the number 5 as a starting point and not a limit. To start with :

5 Things I kicked butt at
  • Crushing my goal to live anywhere this year (currently in Thailand for 6 months)
  • Building authority site Digital Art Nomad and setting the pace for the upcoming year
  • Catching up with family
  • Learning and Building multiple streams of income around my art.
  • Launching Quest Stories my first e-commerce company
5 Things I was terrible at

  • Dealing with overwhelm- it’s the curse of entrepreneurs, always having another business idea makes it very difficult to finish the ones you have running.
  • Being healthy- with all the mind hustle I didn’t find much time for a body hustle and routine workouts. 
  • Marketing for Quest Stories – after building it you’ve gotta market it. Building it took so much out of me that motivation to market it suffered. 
  • Finishing my first paid online course- it took 3 months to complete, I’ve got to get this down to one month.
  • Surfing- my pop ups were terrible this year, partially do to being rusty partially due to being out of shape, gotta do more burpees this off season.
  • Saving and investing- well I guess that’s what happens the first few months after quitting  your day job, plus I dropped an embarrassing amount of cash, about 75% of my savings, on student loans. Nothing is yours until those damn things are paid off.
5  memorable moments 
  • Getting laid off
  • Getting hired as a remote instructor for Envato
  • Road trip with my wife from Vancouver to LA camping out each night in a new place along the Pacific Coast Highway.
  • Living in Ohio near my family for 3 awesome months ( first time in years I had seen them for more than 2 weeks)
  • Moved to Thailand
  • Getting to watch my little bro and little sis walk down the isle, not with each other, but they both were married this year 🙂
5  Big Disappointment’s 

  • Not getting Quest Stories to the projected sales goal.
  • Being threatened with a law suit by our competitor to change our product name
  • Not paying off student loans
  • Not getting to sail this year
5 bucket list items
  • Went on a Canadian fishing trip with my brother
  • Moved to Thailand with Jess
  • Built an online ecommerce company (Quest Stories) with Jess
  • Spent months with my family 
  • Left my day job, found freedom, and built a website all about it (
5 Measurable goals for the next year
  • Build, Protect and secure new and current online streams of income ensuring another great year of growth.
  • Help free other artists  by Officially launching Digital Art Nomad along with a free (and a paid) course backed up with 5 winning testimonials
  • Help artists also by writing a free ebook on the basics of online business for artists
  • Help parents with gift ideas by releasing new version of “The Birthday Quest” 
  • Help kids by releasing a magical new book this year
  • Help customers get what they order as fast as possible by having  sales completely automated.
  • Teach other artists by creating 3 Udemy courses on creating great art.
  • Inspire other art nomads by having a running YouTube channel for Digital Art Nomad
  • Get into the online Minted gallery with a new portfolio of paintings.
  • Find and implement a stronger investment strategy
  • Sail with friends in a new country (current list : USA, Belize, Italy, Croatia,)
  • Scuba dive In a new country (current list: USA, Belize)
  • Surf In a new country (current list: USA, Thailand, Canada, Bali )
  • Go striper bass fishing with my bro
  • bathe an elephant in Thailand with my Sis
  • At least 4 months spent with family
  • At least 6 months spent In a new country
  • ……… 
Like I said earlier, this is a great resource to have by your side. Anytime there’s a set back or if you find yourself at a cross roads in 2016, this review with your goals all laid out will be there to fall back on. If I were to take this one step further I would even prioritize and schedule the last section to make things crystal clear. What does your review look like? 

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