Marc johns- case study 1

one of Marc Johns product diplays of the paintings he puts out weekly

Marc Johns  product display of the paintings he puts out weekly

Marc Johns

I want to start with Marc because he teaches us that even a simple style can generate a full time income. Johns has, and is, successfully marketing his art online to the point where he has been able to support him self entirely on his art.  After reading this article I hope you will understand that you too can make this life for yourself.

“I just did it quietly, slowly, posting my work online, until it grew to the point where the obvious thing to do (obvious to me, and obvious to many people around me) was to quit my job and jump in full time.”

– Marc Johns

It starts with a simple idea

Marc comes from a career in illustration. Before he set out on his own as an artist entrepreneur (a.k.a digital art nomad) he worked for 15 years at a design firm.

Now, I know what your thinking, “but I don’t have a career in illustration and I sure don’t have 15 years of experience.”   You don’t need any of that.

The reason I wanted to use Marc as an example is because he was able to become a “nomad” not from the years of learning technical drawing and fancy software that he harnessed in the commercial world, but by simply being dedicated to create a 30 minute sketch a day and share it with the world.

He did this on a consistent basis, learned a few simple tools  to give him a store front online, and eventually, was able to walk away from his day job as self employed selling artist.

he focused onsmall accomplishments that could be produced quickly.” He decided  to make simple art that could be done in two hours or less.


If you don’t have a sketch book, get one. or if you prefer keeping things digital thats cool to, Ipad apps like “sketches” make it super easy to carry a digital sketchbook.

Either way, I want you to make a goal,  in 1 hour or less, create one sketch a day for a month. It can be as simple as a circle, a stick figure, an abstract group of lines, or if you have more experience, push yourself  to see what you can complete in 30 minutes. this assignment is for all experience levels.

If you stick with this for a month you’ll have 28 sketches, If you stick with this for a year you’ll have 336 sketches. Imagine what you could do with your portfolio in just a year after looking at the above case study.

Coming Up

Given that you complete  your homework you will be able to follow along with the upcoming post where we will discuss some easy tools to use for marketing your work on-line and getting people interested in Buying.

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