Episode #5: Daily Life as a Location Independent Artist, Chiang Mai Thailand

In this episode I thought it would be fun to show you life as a location independent artist here in Chiang Mai.

The great thing about working for yourself and building up multiple streams of income around your art is that you get to decide when to play and when to work. 

As you will see, this day was a great balance of work and play.  You may also notice that the videos are becoming much shorter. I’m ramping up and playing with different editing formats and lengths to find out what works best for offering more videos more frequently and also figuring out what styles of video editing people are most drawn to.

I will begin to show videos that mix in not just travel but also the business aspects of the location independent lifestyle. I’m working on several videos that I’m very excited about because I think they will help inspire a lot of creatives find the path and motivation to follow their dreams and become location independent artists. 

whether your digging the videos or not I’d love to hear from you. the location independent artist movement is real and I want to help as many people as i can see that and go for it. Help me out by leaving comments, liking the videos, subscribing. All of this helps me to make better content and inspires me to continue helping other artist break free of their old life and dive into a new and exciting one.

Stay tuned for new and exciting videos on the way. Coming up we will be house hunting in southern Thailand more specifically  ko lanta Island.

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