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guide to location independant illustrators

I’ve put together a list of resources that I used when beginning the big escape from my desk job.

This list scored me freelance work very quickly because I had spent the 6 months leading up to my escape creating a portfolio that would win me a remote freelance job.

If you’d like to learn more about how to figure out what your portfolio needs to look like, let me know, I’m here to help. If you already have a portfolio or are looking for ideas on what type of portfolio to create check out this resource list I’ve created for you:

I used  the following list to find freedom outside of  my day Job. They are what allowed me to become location independent. However there are also a few tips of how to find a job in a studio if your interested in getting some in-house experience before branching out on your own. this list is constantly growing as i get tips from other artists and freelancers.

Studio jobs and freelance work (these site also contain some remote opportunities) 

when approaching a studio job, even though you don’t know who else is applying for the position, you might be able to research current or former employees.

Who used to be a illustrator at the studio you want to apply to?  What does their art look like?

This is essential research if you’re serious about a position “in house”.

Illustrator Job Sites

Remote work List


Get Creative

The best advice for a freelance career is a strong portfolio. find a artist that is successful in the style of your choice and follow their lead, reach out to them for mentorship.

If all else fails

Check out this ted talk-


Recommended Readings


The Four Hour Work Week

Childrens-Writers-Illustrators-Market-2016 –  (Thanks for the introduction to this Alvina)

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