How to Win A Minted Design Challenge

win a Minted design challenge


 Heres my story of exactly how I set up to win a Minted design challenge resulting in cash prizes and great promotional opportunities.

What is Minted and why take the time to win a Minted design challenge ?

In January 2016 I came across a website that my lovely wife (pro Interior Designer) told me to check out.
This is a site that she recommended I get into because she shops here 90% of the time for her clients that are looking for wall decor for their houses offices ect. to do that I found out I needed to win a Minted design challenge.
At first glance it looked like another bone yard of lost artists similar to Fine Art America or Deviant Art for millions of artists to dump their works and hope for a sale amongst millions of competitors, but upon further investigation it wasn’t that at all.
Remember I mentioned my lovely interior designer of a wife does her shopping here 90% or the time? That’s because of how minted runs its platform. Via competitions (A.K.A design challenges) it chooses only the top-level art submissions for any given challenge.
The minted challenges span across a broad range of commercial topics from baby nurseries to chic dining rooms to high school graduation gifts.
This categorizes the art and makes it easy for interior designers, decorators, and big retail corporations like Target and Crate & Barrel find exactly what and who they’re looking for quickly.
It guarantees them a high quality art piece that comes from serious and devoted artists and manufacturers.
Minted stands out because its not a bone yard consumers have to sift through for an hour to find what they’re looking for.
This gives us, the artists, a great opportunity and a great platform for our work because, lets face it, most of us don’t know where to start when creating a portfolio of work that consumers want.
Minted allows us to focus our strengths better on a structured, market researched, theme that they call a “Minted Design Challenge”.
The best thing about it is that it gives artists a better chance to get in front of other artists who are not as experienced or as devoted.
The site is also great because it gives artists who win a ton of exposure to places like crate and barrel who also do their shopping and designer recruitment through the Minted platform.
Long story short I ended up winning 5 awards in my first design challenge resulting in a $800 cash prize and most importantly a place on the Minted online store front. Check it out: 

So how did I Win a Minted Design Challenge?

For a while I didn’t apply to any challenges on minted. They didn’t seem to fit my style (s),and I wanted to be sure my first try with this site would be worth my time, so I waited.
Finally I saw a challenge that was right down my alley drawing and sketching challenge.
I went through the application process as an artist, downloaded the project details and began to read thoroughly through the design brief.
I noted each way there was to win an award in this challenge, I chose two or 3 specifically to focus on that I thought gave me the best odds of out shining the crowd given my strengths.
There is a limit to the amount of pieces you can submit and they say to only submit your best work, they also mention that it is not common for people to submit that many pieces.
Well, I translated that into “send us your best 30 pieces, make sure their on target and of high quality and you’ll win.”
So I got to work. The challenge lasted around 2 months which is a pretty tight deadline for 30 pieces but I buckled down and made it happen using Photoshop sketching and painting mainly with a little sketch book work.

After the long process of creating and then another long process of uploading and writing about each piece with descriptions and tags I thought I better start marketing for it.
But before I did  I looked up what kind of marketing was necessary to win a minted design challenge.
Nothing said that an artist needed a certain amount of “likes” to win a minted design challenge or that a certain amount of “comments” on the platform would make you win. Only one award went to those with the most “votes” and the other 20 were “editors choice awards”.
I decided that if my 30 drawings were strong and on topic that I would have a good chance at winning the editors choice awards.
So I didn’t really market my submission outside a couple of “polls” to get some feedback on which piece to post.
(If you don’t follow the lingo right now you’ll get it when you try the platform.)
I’m not saying that marketing doesn’t help, and I can’t be certain of how their editorial choosing process works, all I can say is that I only spent time on making good art, writing about it well in the descriptions and following the design brief closely.
That allowed me to win a Minted challenge and be issued ab online store on their platform. I can now add this store to my ever-growing list of online income streams as a digital art nomad.
In closing I don’t believe that winning this challenge had as much to do with my skills as an artist as it had to do with reading the rules, researching how to win the specific challenge and designing art that fit the theme perfectly.
When I searched for “how to win a minted design challenge” there was nothing. I swore to myself if I ever won the design challenge I would be the one to write that article. And here we are.
I hope you will wake up someday soon, as I did, and see the same “you’ve been minted” subject line in your inbox .
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3 Responses to “How to Win A Minted Design Challenge

  • Great article and congrats! When you win, how long do you have a store? is it forever or for a specific amount of time?

  • Debarghya
    1 year ago

    Awesome as usual Brian! And kudos for taking the initiative and writing this up for everyone. Cheers!

  • Nice report. As an artist, I wonder what the result of sales commissions are
    per artist (named a, b, c etc.) Always very secret. . .