Introducing the Digital Art Nomad Travel Channel: Documenting Life After Quitting the Office and Pursuing Art




It’s Been an Exciting last few months as my wife Jess and I have been living in Thailand since December 2015 and attempting to make a living solely as independent digital artists. Its been a roller coaster of adventures, emotions, victories and failures so we decided it would be fun and helpful to document the journey with this YouTube channel. So far, we have 3 videos up and running and a new one is ready every month. To get notified of new episodes of the Digital Art Nomad travel series make sure to subscribe on youtube and following along the adventure. 

Episode #4 : Shambala Music Festival, Chiang Dao, Thailand

In this Episode we take a break from our daily routine in Chiang Mai and travel into the mountains to Chiang Dao for the Shambala music festival. We experience tons of great food venders, musicians, artists, and camp under the stars. 


Episode #3   Inspirational Adventures Abroad: Part2 : Northern Thailand This Episode Takes us into the mountains where we encounter curious locals, hike to the top of the largest mountain in Thailand (Doi Inthonan) learn how to make coffee jungle style, jump off cliffs, discover new waterfalls,  find cat ice cream parlors, we get plenty of inspiration for when we head back to our house in Chiang Mai to get back to work.  


Episode #2 Inspirational Adventures Abroad: Part1 Chiang Mai, Thailand.  In this Episode we embark on a series of adventures between Chiang Mai,Thailand and Chiang Rai, Thailand. We play with elephants, explore tea plantations, visit the legendary white temple, run through waterfalls, rock climb and a bunch more.



Episode #1  Unfamiliar Surroundings Living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In this first episode my wife jess and i get comfortable in our new home, Chiang Mai, Thailand . I share some interesting discoveries as we work on building our art businesses and push ourselves to get out of our home office and into the local culture to experience northern Thailand.


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