Case Studies

one of Marc Johns product diplays of the paintings he puts out weekly

Marc Johns  product display of the paintings he puts out weekly

Marc Johns

I want to start with Marc because he teaches us that even a simple style can generate a full time income. Johns has, and is, successfully marketing his art online to the point where he has been able to support him self entirely on his art.  After reading this article I hope you will understand that you too can make this life for yourself.

“I just did it quietly, slowly, posting my work online, until it grew to the point where the obvious thing to do (obvious to me, and obvious to many people around me) was to quit my job and jump in full time.”

– Marc Johns

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successful artist enetrepreneur

Art by Alex Mathers


Alex Mathers

Alex is a self taught illustrator who has built a career as an “artist entrepreneur” and digital art nomad. Alex not only creates and sells and licenses his illustrations but he works as a freelance illustrator for companies like Google, is a speaker at events around the world, is a writer and is an art business coach.

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Morr Meroz (bloop animations)

An excellent specimen for review. Bloop has built an amazing service around his digital art. With a background in digital 3d animation he has not only developed some really cool short films but has also started offering tutorials and books on his site. He hooks up young animators with great resources To help them build professional art of their own.

Bloop has found creative ways to generate passive income through his sites affiliate programs, books and tutorials that  he offers and does it all while doing what he love to do and helping others along the way. This is the core of digital art nomad -ism. check him out at www.bloop



-natasha-wescoat -digital art nomad case study

Natasha westcoat

Ok so technically Natasha isn’t a digital artist however she has done extremely well at digitally marketing her acrylic paintings. This is crutial for any artist wanting to sell their work in today’s market.

Natasha started Without her expertise in this field she would have had a much harder time createing such a large following of fans who repeatedly buy her paintings and accessories. What’s great about Natasha’s is that she scans her work digitally after she paints it which gives her not only the income from the physical painting being sold but also allows her to offer copies or prints of the same painting. This includes canvas, throw pillows jewelery, wall paper you name it. If it has a surface you can print onto it. Natasha has even accomplished passive income in several ways which means people pay her to produce her art and tutorials each month. So even if she’s not selling a painting  she isincluding patronage that would allow her to continue painting for. Living. She’s an excellent example for any artist digital or otherwise of how to maximize self promotion and She’s a painter whPrint on demand using social media like Facebook to drive her art

Andrew Kramer (video copilot)

Andrew Has been a long time hero of mine. And probably a big reason for me passing some of my college courses back in art school. In early 2000 he started creating small tutorials based on his passion for after effects.

He started a website called video copilot and he and his friend, whom he is constantly heckling in the tutorials, created a series of free video tutorials teaching others how to accomplish basic editing and post production techniques. Several of his tutorials were commissioned by and started earning him passive income very quickly. overtime, Andrews tutorials started getting a lot of attention especially when he started targeting feature film audiences. After he created a tutorial teaching his body of online students how the title sequence for  “………” Was made the rest was history. He now has thousands of visits to his site each day where he has produced some of his own digital products and software plugins for after effects. He still drives the traffic through new free tutorials each month and has a full team under him helping to develop new products and services.

This example shows you how you can shape your passion into a money making machine if you just stick with it and are driven to help others solve problems. Video tutorials was nothing new  when he started producing them and there was a ton of competition. But he simplified the process and made learning it fun and fast and put his own personal twist to it. The key phrase to remember here is “over time”. Andrews success did not happen over night and he probably had doubts along the way of whether producing all the tutorials and giving them away for free was even worth  it . Do to his passion for creating them he was able to stick with it which has royally payed off for him.

As artists, In many respects we are lucky to know what our passion is, which is more than most people can say. The sooner we can put our finger on that passion and say “I’m going to put everything I’ve got into this”  the sooner we can take it from a hobby to a lifestyle and from a lifestyle to a fully functional income generating machine. To do this takes time and it takes a mindset shift. Be warned that’s it’s no longer creating for yourself but creating for others and inspiring others that will allow for this success. For those of you ready to take “the blue pill” and start this journey, check out the next blog series coming up” a 6 week stream of posts called,  “how to become a digital art nomad”. You can sign up to be notified when there’s a new post here:
Big thanks to Andrew Cramer for this weeks inspiration and if you haven’t already, check out his site
6. Bobby chiu

Bobby is very inspirational to me personally. Not only can I relate to his style of art but I can relate to his passion to become an entrepreneur through his art. He understand full heartedly the benefits of creating products for himself while a the same time managing an awesome career as a freelance  artist.  In the visual effects industry life can get very fast pased for long periods of time with pending deadlines and the next movie on the way.  With a job like this the end is inevitable and its I,portent to be ready and able to leave when you get burnt out. The main benefit being that if he ever wanted to walk away from the laborious hours of vfcx post production he would be fine financially.


 Bobby Chiu ? (Concept art and character design)

Bobby Chiu is an awesome example of a guy who used and followed  his passion of illustration via digital art to make his dream’s come true. he has not only left life as an employee  to get out on his own successfully but he has also been able to work as a freelance artist on huge movie titles while doing so. after his successful freelancing career he moved into the online web business selling tutorials and helping other artists realize their dreams. he is one of my favorite artists and role models for this reason.

check out a few of the methods he has used to build his online business.