Alex Mathers- case study 2

successful artist enetrepreneur

Art by Alex Mathers

Who is Alex Mathers?
Alex is a self taught illustrator who has built a career as an “artist entrepreneur” and digital art nomad. Alex not only creates and sells and licenses his illustrations but he works as a freelance illustrator for companies like Google, is a speaker at events around the world, is a writer and is an art business coach.

So Why am I telling you this?

The reason I wanted to introduce you to Alex is because he is a clear example of a digital art nomad. but what makes him very unique is how fast he was able to become one.

Alex started with no portfolio or art background at all, he graduated with a geography degree and then decided he would try to create some income on the side of his day job through his other passion, art.

Very quickly, he learned some simple yet powerful design techniques (via on-line tutorials like applied them to something he was passionate about (Geography) and put out consistent, well targeted art, over and over again. Within 2 years he was able to quit his day job and work as an artist full time. Two years goes by in the blink of an eye!

How did he do it?

If you read the last post you will remember that building a portfolio overtime can be a simple and very effective way to start your on-line art career. It starts with a simple plan and then requires the ability to stick to the plan in order to to produce successfully results A.K.A income. Kinda like going to the Gym, but with art, its much more fun!

After learning a software which allowed Alex to create quick designs ( Illustrator) he began building A large portfolio. Along the way he consistently submitted his work to i-Stock learning what did and did not sell. This ultimately resulted in a high value well targeted and commercial portfolio.  Alex eventually was making enough monthly income to support himself and Soon after leaving his day job he was hired by Google (who found his  portfolio online) as well as other top dogs to work as a freelance illustrator.

Present and future opportunities

What really excites me about Alex is what he has done since his success with illustration. He has now started pursuing more passive streams of income such as, writing books that teach other artists how to do what he has done, he has been travelling around the world speaking at events and he has recently started working with other artists directly helping them find their path to finding clients and keeping them. you can find out more about his services and his story at


Whether you have started a portfolio or not this week I’d like you to create a free account with iStock. Explore their website, research what the top sellers are on the site. Build a list of your top 5 favourite best sellers. How does your work relate to theirs?

If you haven’t found your style yet, try to mimic one of your favourites while giving it your own twist.  If your not sure where to start do what Alex did, learn illustrator, or Photoshop or even how to draw by hand. your success will take time and will not come over night but start now and you will be surprised at where you end up if you stay focused.

Coming up

We will be looking at an artist who has taken Facebook to a whole new level. we will look at how to market your art and make money using Facebook. thanks for reading