Since you’ve made it to this page you have probably already discovered that this site is about two things:
1. Leveraging your skills as an artist to build a business and live anywhere.
2. Living a life that tells a great story.
If these are the type of things that excite you then I hope you will stay with me, read about the journey and learn from some of my mistakes and successes, but more about all that later, for now, I just want to introduce myself and how Digital Art Nomad was started.

create business around you art and live anywhere
In march of 2015, I found myself faced with a decision, to either continue working in a comfortable high-paying job that at any moment could drop out from underneath me or to embark on a somewhat uncomfortable journey into the unknown that could, potentially, allow for the lifestyle and security I’ve always dreamed of.
I decided to go with the second option and haven’t looked back since, well not for very long anyway.  I’ve learned that there will always be roadblocks and barriers along any journey but if you really want what’s on the other side nothing can stop you.
6 months later, after leaving behind the life of my comfortable high paid salary, I am already starting to taste the fruits of the new life I set off to grow.  I’ve spent tons of time with my family on both sides of the U.S. . I’ve had time to go surfing with friends I haven’t seen in years, went on the annual fishing trip in Canada with my brother and cousins, took a road trip spanning the entire west coast with my wife (who also quit her job) and am now am on a plane to Thailand for 6 months with her to grow our business together. 
Between oddball online jobs, working as a freelance designer, chipping away at selling my own products and helping other artists do the same, I haven’t made nearly as much income as I did at that day job but I’m being very honest with you when I say that I have been living a much richer more fulfilling lifestyle than I ever would have had I stayed there.
So why do I spend all this time creating this blog giving all this information away for free? I do it because it’s all part of fulfilling and building the lifestyle I want. I get so much drive from helping just one person so you can imagine how I feel when I can help hundreds. 
So this is where I want to talk directly to you. Over the next 6 months in Thailand, it’s my mission to lead by example, as a “digital art nomad”, by living anywhere and creating multiple streams of income with my art. I will try to record as much as I can along the way to build a virtual guide for you, and other artist’s like you, interested in leveraging their skill set and building a richer lifestyle.  I hope you will join me, push me, ask questions, and comment along the way so I can offer the best guidance possible.
Now that we have covered “the who”, “the what” and “the where”that only leaves us with “the when” which is entirely up to you. Obviously, the sooner you begin this journey the better.  So, If you ready to get started, enter your information below and I’ll be in touch to chat about it shortly.